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Meet the faces behind 'Vintage Vêtements'. Ilya & Jeroen. 

Ilya worked in eventmanagement untill corona times. She had to look for another way to be busy and earn her bread. She met Jeroen and he had a shop full of beautiful vintage furniture. Jeroen asked Ilya if she would like to join him in the vintage field and so Vintage Vêtements was born. 


We believe in the beauty of vintage clothing. Ilya always used to shop in thrift stores it is her hobby to find the most beautiful vintage pearls. But in the regular strift stores she had a hard time going thought all the stuffy and stinky stuff too. So we wanted to begin a clean and neat store to attract more people to the beauty of vintage.

Ilya; 'I handpick all our clothes because that's the most fun part of my job! I select on fabrics like 100% silk or cotton so that the clothes will live a long and sustainable life. I also love colors and funky stuff! Jeroen is always busy with the administration and is making sure I don't miss a thing!' so this makes a perfect team. 

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